‘Four Letter Words’

Berendina Buist 2016

Paul Klee is believed to have said that ‘A line is a dot that went for a walk.’  By applying mirrored dots to a rectangular linear column I took this quite literally, but here the dots look a bit disoriented at first sight.

I am asking the viewer to consider how the mirrors change the space. I am also hoping that after a while several words will show themselves, and that the viewer will reflect on these words while seeing their own reflection.

Language is a source of wonder to me as I am trying to understand expressions and words and the worlds of meaning, values, contexts and traditions attached to them.

With that in mind, it is amazing to me that we understand each other at all, or do we?

‘Anguilla Structure’ 1/2/3/4

Berendina Buist 2008

On the beach of the Caribbean island of Anguilla I found two abandoned tent frames. I noticed that when I approached them, their composition would change. They seemed quite impossible at times.  Some you couldn’t make out what was front and back and others again looked flat, all depending on where you stood, sat or lay down.

This series is a game of perception and figuring out what it is one really sees or thinks to see.