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Chet Baker Trio; Chet Baker trumpet, Harry Emmery double bass, Michel Graillier piano

In 1986 I was a young photographer in Amsterdam. On March 7, I got word that the photographer for whom I sometimes assisted, couldn't photograph the Chet Baker Trio which was to perform at 'De Kroeg', a music performance bar on the Lijnbaansgracht in Amsterdam. I said I would go.

I had no money. I wiggled my way in without paying. And then I did my very best while struggling with the contradiction of a visual approach to sound. The stage was small and the lighting was poor. I had to resort to using my flash. During the concert Chet Baker kept his eyes closed most of the time. I felt slightly guilty, thinking it was because of me shooting off those flashes relentlessly....


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The portfolio contains 10 photographic gelatin silver prints, an introduction by Double Bass player Harry Emmery, an introduction by the photographer and an unmastered recording from the Trio by Harry Emmery ©. Photography by Berendina Buist © Edition of 5