Traveling Exhibit by MOVIS


Monster Mouse Studios in Marrickville is hosting

MOST : Marrickville Open Studio Trail

Monster Mouse Studios, 21 Maud lane, Marrickville

Saturday March 28, 11 am- 4 pm


Mini-MOVIS in Sydney

A traveling exhibition with very small and sometimes expandable works of art, by MOVIS , 10 artists from New Jersey, USA

With the participation of four Monster Mouse Studio Artists

Artists are:

Monster Mouse Studios - Laura Anthony, Lizzie Nagy, Claire Nakazawa, Carizza Teague

MOVIS - Rita Z. Asch, Berendina Buist, John Goodyear, Susan Hockaday, Eve Ingalls, Margaret Kennard Johnson, Marsha Levin Rojer, Frank Magalhāes, Bonnie Berkowitz, Liz Mitchell

The idea for the exhibit came about after reading the latest book by curator Hans Obrist and the way he speaks about exhibits being so small they fit in your shirt pocket or in a corner of your kitchen!
I also knew about Duchamp's suitcases filled with miniature versions of his work. And so, the work of MOVIS came with me to Sydney in a small portfolio and two cigar boxes.

Three works are expandable, one because it is a sound piece and it can fill a room if you want, another one is a landscape collage and you can use as many pieces as you like, and another one came by email as a set of instructions like Sol Lewitt did for his wall drawings, for me to execute the way I saw fit and had space for. ( This work can be constantly changed by the public provided the wall is soft enough to stick pins in)