A confusing morning at the MoMA

Who does not love Matisse! Went to see the exhibit with cut-outs from Matisse. Brilliant colors and reassuring compositions abound. I am saying this with the deepest admiration possible. It is a popular exhibit.

Then on to the next show on the same floor; The Production Line of Happiness, by Christopher Williams. I read it is about photography (mainly) and the tension between art medium and it's role of reproducing consumer goods, so that we may want it and buy it. Or am I just making this up?  No, that is what they say on the MoMA website: ' In Williams’s hands the phrase ( “the production line of happiness.” ) appears to refer broadly to the function of much photography in today’s consumer culture, in which it not only pictures but also produces so many experiences and objects to be consumed.' 

Needless to say walking from the Matisse show into the Williams show was raw. But I did find a point of conversation, see images below. Top image is by Christopher Williams; Bergische Bauernscheune, Junkersholz/Leichlingen, September 29, 2009. (2010), Bottom is by Matisse; Two Masks (The Tomato) 1947