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Chet Baker Trio; Chet Baker trumpet, Harry Emmery double bass, Michel Graillier piano

In 1986 I was a young photographer in Amsterdam. On March 7, I got word that the photographer for whom I sometimes assisted, couldn't photograph the Chet Baker Trio which was to perform at 'De Kroeg', a music performance bar on the Lijnbaansgracht in Amsterdam. I said I would go.

I had no money. I wiggled my way in without paying. And then I did my very best while struggling with the contradiction of a visual approach to sound. The stage was small and the lighting was poor. I had to resort to using my flash. During the concert Chet Baker kept his eyes closed most of the time. I felt slightly guilty, thinking it was because of me shooting off those flashes relentlessly....


For Sale, Portfolio Chet Baker Trio,

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The portfolio contains 10 photographic gelatin silver prints, an introduction by Double Bass player Harry Emmery, an introduction by the photographer and an unmastered recording from the Trio by Harry Emmery ©. Photography by Berendina Buist © Edition of 5


‘Four Letter Words’

Berendina Buist 2016

Paul Klee is believed to have said that ‘A line is a dot that went for a walk.’  By applying mirrored dots to a rectangular linear column I took this quite literally, but here the dots look a bit disoriented at first sight.

I am asking the viewer to consider how the mirrors change the space. I am also hoping that after a while several words will show themselves, and that the viewer will reflect on these words while seeing their own reflection.

Language is a source of wonder to me as I am trying to understand expressions and words and the worlds of meaning, values, contexts and traditions attached to them.

With that in mind, it is amazing to me that we understand each other at all, or do we?

‘Anguilla Structure’ 1/2/3/4

Berendina Buist 2008

On the beach of the Caribbean island of Anguilla I found two abandoned tent frames. I noticed that when I approached them, their composition would change. They seemed quite impossible at times.  Some you couldn’t make out what was front and back and others again looked flat, all depending on where you stood, sat or lay down.

This series is a game of perception and figuring out what it is one really sees or thinks to see.



MOVIS exhibition Maverick Parallels at Artworks in Trenton, May 6 - June 13 2015

"Parallels may not always behave as expected: sometimes they appear in surprising places, sometimes they may seem to conform but then they go a bit awry. Maverick, indeed."


A walk trough the gallery during the reception.  It was a bittersweet event. Founding member Maggi Kennard Johnson, who thought of the title for this show, passed away before we could celebrate this exhibit with her. The first two work here are by her.

Artist talk at the gallery on May 16, 2-4 pm. All are welcome.

Traveling Exhibit by MOVIS


Monster Mouse Studios in Marrickville is hosting

MOST : Marrickville Open Studio Trail

Monster Mouse Studios, 21 Maud lane, Marrickville

Saturday March 28, 11 am- 4 pm


Mini-MOVIS in Sydney

A traveling exhibition with very small and sometimes expandable works of art, by MOVIS , 10 artists from New Jersey, USA

With the participation of four Monster Mouse Studio Artists

Artists are:

Monster Mouse Studios - Laura Anthony, Lizzie Nagy, Claire Nakazawa, Carizza Teague

MOVIS - Rita Z. Asch, Berendina Buist, John Goodyear, Susan Hockaday, Eve Ingalls, Margaret Kennard Johnson, Marsha Levin Rojer, Frank Magalhāes, Bonnie Berkowitz, Liz Mitchell

The idea for the exhibit came about after reading the latest book by curator Hans Obrist and the way he speaks about exhibits being so small they fit in your shirt pocket or in a corner of your kitchen!
I also knew about Duchamp's suitcases filled with miniature versions of his work. And so, the work of MOVIS came with me to Sydney in a small portfolio and two cigar boxes.

Three works are expandable, one because it is a sound piece and it can fill a room if you want, another one is a landscape collage and you can use as many pieces as you like, and another one came by email as a set of instructions like Sol Lewitt did for his wall drawings, for me to execute the way I saw fit and had space for. ( This work can be constantly changed by the public provided the wall is soft enough to stick pins in)

A confusing morning at the MoMA

Who does not love Matisse! Went to see the exhibit with cut-outs from Matisse. Brilliant colors and reassuring compositions abound. I am saying this with the deepest admiration possible. It is a popular exhibit.

Then on to the next show on the same floor; The Production Line of Happiness, by Christopher Williams. I read it is about photography (mainly) and the tension between art medium and it's role of reproducing consumer goods, so that we may want it and buy it. Or am I just making this up?  No, that is what they say on the MoMA website: ' In Williams’s hands the phrase ( “the production line of happiness.” ) appears to refer broadly to the function of much photography in today’s consumer culture, in which it not only pictures but also produces so many experiences and objects to be consumed.' 

Needless to say walking from the Matisse show into the Williams show was raw. But I did find a point of conversation, see images below. Top image is by Christopher Williams; Bergische Bauernscheune, Junkersholz/Leichlingen, September 29, 2009. (2010), Bottom is by Matisse; Two Masks (The Tomato) 1947

Art as Therapy - Please analyze my annoyance

A few weeks ago I became aware of a project by philosopher Alain de Botton and curator John Armstrong called Art as Therapy. Little did I know that I would be experiencing the part that takes place in AGO, Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto (besides the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the National Gallery Victoria in Melbourne) so soon. The themes are Politics, Love, Sex, Money and Nature. Different works of the collection are put together on different floors to address these themes. Here's a link to an introductory video 


“Art,” according to the authors, “has a powerfully therapeutic effect. It can variously help to inspire, console, redeem, guide, comfort, expand and reawaken us.”

Why am I so annoyed by so much guidance ????