Ideas and work

Berendina Buist often uses her photographs as a starting point for new work. She tries to break away from framed rectangles. Some work involves a moving substrate such as silk, some work becomes animated by being placed in a video and some, by being put in a sequence, refer to the frames in a movie.

Water and language are subjects often present in her work. Circular motifs, including eggs, bubbles and dots, appear frequently. She thinks that having been born in a country below sea level (The Netherlands) and emigrating twice (to Italy and the USA) may have something to do with those motifs.

She is strongly influenced by conceptual art and is delighted when she manages to convey an idea in a visual way. When the discovery of photography was recent for her, she wanted to explore what the limits of the medium were. She experimented with the visualization of sound, which then led to an assignment to photograph sign language. This is how her career in photography started.

Having lived in the Netherlands, Italy and in the US she is also strongly aware of roots and the matter of belonging. She feels that she lives ‘in between cultures’, which provides a skewed view on ways of life but also creates the opportunity to see commonalities.


Art Skills

Black & White photography
Alternative photographic processes: Van Dyke brown, Cyanotype, Platinum/Palladium
Silkscreen, Lithography, Photogravure
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Pro Tools